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Application Process

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Application Process
  • Interested SMEs will submit an interest form via the program website at
  • Applicants will then attend an info session and meet and greet event for an opportunity to ask questions, get clarification, and explore opportunities for collaboration
  • Once the applicant has selected a university partner, they will jointly submit an application form provided by ISTC 
  • Applications will be open and evaluated on a rolling bases with decisions and funding released within 60 days 

Application Review 
  • Primary Application Review
    • Confirm or Identify research partner for SME and make introductions and assist in application process. 
    • Review Innovation Voucher applications for eligibility
    • Evaluate the merits of applications for Innovation Vouchers
  • Secondary sector advisor review if needed
    • Review of innovation viability
    • Special circumstances outlined in project
    • Advice on questions/obstacles that have been identified by ISTC team 
  • Awardee Selection
    • Confirmation of higher education research partner (signed agreement)
    • Confirmation of SME (signed agreement)
    • Submitting proposed SME awardees to DCEO for review
    • Receive DCEO approval
    • Inform SME and research partner
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Post Award Evaluation Checkpoints
  • Provide regular programmatic reporting to the Department, including program milestone, issues, outcomes and successes
  • Provide recommendations for improving the program
  • Provide feedback to DCEO regarding optimal parameters and best practices for the Innovation Voucher program
  • Create a yearly program impact report
  • Create a process for long-term data collection on SMEs 

Questions about the process?

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